Take 2 STEM


Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

STEM is about getting the skills we will all need for the future. You can learn how to use new and exciting technologies, how to work in teams, how to solve problems in creative ways, or just how the world works!

STEM skills will help you find a great job, and change jobs in the future. People who work in STEM make a difference. They work with others to help people, help the community, make new discoveries and care for our environment.

Students already use STEM skills in their everyday lives. At school, at home and for fun.

People who work in STEM can make a difference by helping others, caring for the environment, and responding to global emergencies.

Next year: Take 2 STEM subjects.

Check out the videos and links below to see where STEM can take you.

of WA students
we surveyed agree

that there are lots of career options
for people with STEM skills.

STEM gives you an understanding of how the world works and the potential to be a part of how the world evolves through innovation.

- WA student

Stem Stories

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Stem in School

Step 1

Learn more about where STEM can take you by watching the videos above.

Step 2

Find out what STEM subjects you can study at school.

STEM subjects
Step 3

Talk to your parent, teacher or career counsellor about Taking 2 STEM subjects next year.

What Comes Next?

From conservation to construction, mechanics to mining, nursing to neuroscience, or agriculture to aviation, studying STEM after school will help you find a great job.

Pursue a tertiary STEM education through one of Western Australia’s five universities or TAFE:

Stem Careers

Not sure what you want to do after school?
Still figuring out if STEM is for you?

Start your career journey here.

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Current and emerging careers in STEM

Take the quiz to find out what career is right for you, see what jobs and study options are available, then plan your pathway.

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